Our values:

  • Targeting (the right solutions for the right effect)
  • Responsiveness and professionalism
  • We believe that the effects are measurable, so together with you we determine the criteria for the success of our work
  • Individual and company-friendly solutions
  • Complete service (“one stop shop”) – we relieve the owners and management of the burden so that they can dedicate themselves to their basic work
  • Unconditional discretion

Mateja Ahej

partner and director

She started her career as an analyst in controlling and strategic planning, since 2007 she has been working as a consultant in the field of company valuation, acquisitions, preventive business and financial restructuring, family successions and ownership and property restructuring of companies. She is the holder of a license to perform the tasks of a certified business valuer at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors.

On the one hand, she works as an expert consultant at OOZ, GZS and SPIRIT Slovenia for comprehensive support to business owners in planning their exit. She shares her knowledge at the Academy of Finance, GZS, OOZ with training on the topic of company sales and purchases and valuation. As a mentor to startups and young companies, she participated in the Go: Global Slovenia programs of the Ljubljana Technology Park and the Maribor Tovarna podjemov. She participated in the preparation of the handbook “Succession: The Challenge of Family Businesses” and “Succession: from the point of view of the successor” published by SPIRIT and MGRT.

mateja.ahej@targo.si, Tel: +386 (0)31 397 695

Marko Wolf


He started his career in 2001 in the field of financing. He led the activities of evaluating the assets of debtors and the risk level for the purpose of increasing the payment discipline of debtors. Between 2004 and 2015, he ran the company in the field of financing individuals and legal entities. During this period, he deepened his knowledge of obtaining repayable and non-repayable funds from various sources, managing risks related to financing and debt restructuring.

Since 2013, he has been an external partner and consultant to various companies for the implementation of business and investment plans, and an adviser in assessing the value of individual assets.

He is the holder of a license to perform the tasks of a certified business valuer at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors and is in the process of obtaining the title of “certified tax officer”.

marko.wolf@targo.si, tel:+386 (0)40 187 000


Marko Kašan


At the beginning of his career, as an independent project analyst at KBM FINEKO d.o.o. – Nova KBM Group, he assessed the value of companies, performed financial analyzes and assessments of the economic viability of projects, prepared financial analyzes of the operations / condition of companies and participated in the rehabilitation of companies. He managed mortgage loans through reprogramming, recovery and litigation, and participated in bankruptcy proceedings.

Marko gained M&A experience as a consultant in numerous sales / purchase projects of companies (or parts of companies) from various industries, especially in the CEE countries – SLO, HR, SRB, BiH. As a consultant to the Management Board, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the CEE region, he participated in the preparation and implementation of the Group’s strategy, which also included M&A procedures.

In 2010, he received the title of “Manager of the Future” in a competition organized by the Consulting Company A.T. Kearney, Manager Magazine, Finance Newspaper, Mercator d.d. and the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

He is the holder of a license to perform the tasks of a certified business valuer at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors.

marko.kasan@targo.si, tel: +386 (0)41 279 432

Financial solutions

Opinion on the value of the Company

We prepare an opinion on the value of the company for various purposes:

sale or purchase of a company I strategic integration or mergers I managerial redemption I regulation of property relations in family inheritance I other purposes.

Depending on the nature of the company’s operation, the subject of assessment and the purpose of assessment, we select an appropriate methodology that shows the client a realistic and independent assessment of value.

The value opinion is an abbreviated valuation report.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Business valuation (IVSC)

The valuation is prepared by a certified business valuer (CBV), who has a license obtained by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors.

Valuation reports are prepared for various purposes:

sale or purchase of shares (minority, majority) | strategic acquisitions | tax purposes | pledge of shares in banks or other financiers |

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Real estate

The real estate appraisal is prepared by a certified real estate valuer (CREV).

The assessment is prepared for the purpose of selling / purchasing real estate, tax or other purposes.

The valuation is made on the basis of International Valuation Standards (IVS, IVSC). The client receives a written appraisal report.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si


The appraisal of the value of devices and machines is prepared by a certified machines and equipment valuer (CMEV).

Valuation is prepared for the purpose of determining the value of assets due to purchase or sale, determining the value of in-kind investment in fixed assets in the establishment of capital companies, in cases of inheritance, in the case of obtaining financing and pledge of assets and other cases.

The valuation is made on the basis of International Valuation Standards (IVS, IVSC). The client receives a written appraisal report.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Intangible Assets

The valuation of intangible assets is prepared by a certified business valuer (CBV). This kind of evaluation requires entrepreneurial thinking and a professional approach.

Valuation is prepared for the purpose of buying or selling trademarks, licenses, know-how, customer databases, financial reporting and other purposes.

The valuation is made on the basis of International Valuation Standards (IVS, IVSC). The client receives a written appraisal report.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Assessment of expected synergy effects

We identify and evaluate synergies to facilitate the identification of business and financial results after a takeover or merger.

The reasons for acquisitions are mostly classic sales and production synergies and savings. Prior to a transaction, it is therefore crucial to identify and evaluate the right synergies so that you know how efficiently you can operate after the acquisition or merger. Such an effect can be illustrated by the equation 1 + 1 = 3.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

“Fairness opinion” – an opinion on the fairness of sales or purchase prices

The law requires all company bodies to act for the good of society and with the diligence of a conscientious and honest manager.

We provide you with an opinion on the fairness of the transaction, which ensures the management to act as a good manager in the process of taking over (purchase / sale of shares, investment), in accordance with best business practice and that the agreed or proposed transaction price is adequate and appropriate.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Preparing the Company for financing

Adequate sources of funding are important for any company. When we talk about debt financing, which is usually the cheapest, companies turn to banks. Whether it is financing new investments or working capital and providing current liquidity, we can offer you professional assistance.

In our company, we prepare the documentation necessary for the approval of the loan and negotiate the most favorable financing conditions on your behalf with the bank. As a result, we save you the time and nerves you would waste on all the bureaucracy and bank meetings. Thus, in addition to the basic role, we advise you and prepare the conceptual financial construction and all the necessary financial projections according to the project or business you want to finance.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Investment consulting

Each investment of the company is marked by three goals: security, income and capital growth. We advise you on investment decisions by preparing analyzes and financial models (payback period – ROI, net present value and internal rate of return, etc.).

We assess the economic justification of the investment, determine the optimal financial structure, set up and monitor key performance indicators – KPIs and other necessary parameters.

With the prepared investment plan, you will be convinced of the correctness of the investment decision and at the same time it will be easier to convince financiers and other stakeholders about the feasibility of the goals.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Independent business review

With an independent thorough review, we show the investor or financier a very accurate picture of the state, operations and environment of the company, which is reflected in the final assessment of the value of the company and good negotiating positions.

A careful review protects the investor from future potential negative impacts, as the investment does not occur due to the past operations of the target company, but due to future expectations and plans. The independent review covers financial, tax, legal and technical risks.

In the report on thorough review, we highlight the findings regarding the situation and the company’s operations. We draw attention to potential problems and risks associated with the target company and its environment and present the company’s strengths and opportunities.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Business and financial monitoring

With independent financial control – monitoring, business is more reliable, as it reduces the likelihood of business and financial problems and significantly speeds up decision-making.

As an external monitoring provider, we periodically (monthly, quarterly) monitor and analyze your business. By presenting business trends and deviations, we enable you to take immediate action in case of deviations from the planned and desired. At the same time, you always have a detailed overview of the company’s profitability and liquidity in this way.

The end result of business monitoring will be an increase in financial strength and thus an increase in the value of the company.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Obtaining funding

On your business journey, we advise you in obtaining appropriate sources of financing. We help you take advantage of various sources of financing, from debt, equity, to non-repayable sources of financing (subsidies).

In the case of debt sources of financing, we will focus our efforts on obtaining a bank loan, while in the case of equity sources of financing, it is the investor’s ownership entry.

An alternative is grants obtained through public tenders. We can prepare the necessary documentation for obtaining a grant for you.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Succession planning

Family succession or transfer of a business means a series of activities carried out by an entrepreneur in order to successfully plan and carry out the transfer of ownership to a family heir, child or other relative.

As a coordinator, we help the founders and successors through key questions: Who will be the successor? When and will the chosen successor be qualified to take over the company? How to plan the time until the moment of exit? How to arrange management and ownership? How to arrange inheritance when there are several children in the family? How much is the company worth and how to regulate the financial relationship between the transferor and the successor?

In collaboration with the transferor and successor, our team of financial, legal advisers and psycho-dynamics prepares a comprehensive family succession plan (which may also include a family constitution) and helps you implement it.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Financial and tax aspects of succession

As a rule, the company has a value at the time of the transfer, which can be passed on to the successor for a fee or free of charge. Or the transfer happens as a combination of both.

Irrespective of the financial form of the transfer, it is necessary to correctly anticipate financial and tax impacts and to regulate legal and tax notifications in accordance with the law.

Based on the analysis of the financial goals of the transferor and the successor, we form the results on the basis of which we propose the optimal combination of implementation from the financial and tax point of view.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Legal aspect of family inheritance

From a legal point of view, economic succession and family law issues are complexly intertwined in family succession (inheritance, relations between siblings, relations between spouses, etc.)

By timely analysis of the situation, we define the necessary status transformations (independent company – limited liability company), relations with third partners and relations with other family participants in accordance with the goals of succession.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Buy side advisory

The purchase of a company (acquisition) is one of the strategies for expanding business, achieving higher profitability, avoiding barriers to entry into the industry, an interesting and profitable investment or a ticket to the world of entrepreneurship.

Investors increase their assets faster with company acquisitions.

We work with the investor / buyer of the company from the initial idea to the end of the transaction. We help to find suitable targets or opportunities, perform the first analyzes and form opinions on value, establish contact and participate in agreements and negotiations, perform a thorough review, prepare legal documentation and monitor the fulfillment of commitments.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Sell side advisory

We guide you reliably and professionally through the process of selling a company.

We help you: Prepare the company for sale (business, financial and legal) I Establish an effective sales strategy for the company I Identify and address potential, domestic and foreign buyers I Set an appropriate selling price and negotiating position I Complete the transaction in accordance with the owners’ goals.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Comprehensive transaction planning

Buying or selling shares are complex processes, and mistakes made are very costly.

From justifying synergies and the real reasons for the takeover, determining the value, thorough review, negotiations, to the completion of the transaction, we offer you the complete professional support of our experienced team.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si

Counseling in insolvency proceedings

Excessive indebtedness of the company is an obstacle, both for further business and strategic plans, as well as for regular operations. As a result, the further development of the business and the existence of the company are endangered.

In the case of highly indebted companies, it is essential to optimize the financial structure of resources and thus ensure a sustainable level of debt. It is necessary to ventilate assets in relation to liabilities and weigh the benefits of disinvestment.

Based on the performed analyzes and financial modeling, we form the results on the basis of which we jointly decide on appropriate measures and effective implementation.

We prepare the strategy and financial model of deleveraging and the entire business restructuring program. We work with you and support you throughout the restructuring process.

Targo finance d.o.o.  I  +386 31 397 695  I  info@targo.si


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